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7th Army M60A1

during the 70’s the 7th Army tested a very unusal color scheme in the European theatre.
The M60A1 was to be the standard US MBT for a longer time than originally scheduled as the projected MBT 70 was already a dead duck. Part of the program to prolong the live span was a new color scheme. The US Army finally accepted the MERDC scheme but the 7th Army scheme was a very interesting variation.

The kit I used is the old ESCI kit. Actually one of the possible versions is “Smokin’ Hangman” a 7th Army M60A1 of 3/32nd Armor during 1976/ 1977.
I added a couple of details to the kit and used AFV club tracks T97.
The M60A1’s had a drainage system fitted, I detailed the outlet to the right side of the drivers hatch with lead foil. I also added V-shaped covers for the wiring of the headlights. The covers are made from lead foil and are glued to the inner sides of the fenders. The headlight guards need an additional bar welded to the hull. I exchanged the sprockets and the track return rollers with more detailed ones from an ACADEMY kit.
The VSS-3 searchlight mounting bracket, the turret basket and railings came from the ACADEMY kit, too. I exchanged the CWS blast deflector railing with a better one made from wiring and added two additional brackets for the towing cables on each of the turret sides. The loaders hatch received a handle made of wiring.

Marking of the M60A1 was rather plain, the kit’s speciality is the 7th Army color scheme as displayed in the “M60 in action” booklet.

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