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IDF MAG’ACH 6 early version

Since the withdrawal of british supply in the late 50‘s the IDF has largely relied on armour supplied by the U.S., the M48 first and the M60 later on. Especially the M60 has seen and still does see heavy upgrading by the IDF.
ESCI has been one of the first producers for an IDF version of the M60, this kit is no longer in production. For its time it has set standards, the kit included separate link tracks already at a time when these weren’t even available from aftermarket suppliers. The last kit‘s out of the old forms (like mine) do have a lot of problems in terms of fitting and especially the tracks lack sharpness.
I have not used the tracks but replaced them by a set of tracks I had left over from ACADEMY’s M48A5 Kit. These depict the early U.S. type of track with fixed rubber blocks (V-shape).
As I was planning to do an early M60A1 upgraded to Mag’ach 6 standard the tracks are a rare but correct variety and even the more interesting.
I did not use the kit’s sprockets. They were replaced by a set not used from an ACADEMY M60 (IDF later version Mag’ach 6B). The kit‘s hull goes together very fast and fits well. Do not attach Parts nos.B62-64, they are not correct for the Mag’ach and in their place a block of reactive armour is installed (Part no.G5). As well I did not attach the ammunition cases used as add on armour for the aircleaners, they lack detail are too big anyway and are as often used as not.
The turret needs a bit more detailing. The URDAN cuppola is rather well done. The scissors mount for the (remember: early version Mag’ach) has to scratch build as the included part no.G2 is not usable. Both were replaced by better parts from TAMIYA.  The smoke grenade launchers parts nos.G42/43/46 are not installed. Instead I added a reactive armour block from ACADEMY’s kit. The has been replaced by another TAMIYA part. The early Mag’ach’s did not have the main gun’s thermal sleeve. I used the barrel without it from ACADEMY’s kit again.
The tank was coloured in HUMBROL 72 with a good wash of thinned black added. As usual on IDF tanks several pieces of personal equipment were added and strapped with adhesive tape to simulate leather straps. An orange identification sheet was made of tissue and placed on top of the turret basket.
The figures are made of TAMIYA tanker‘s parts and the infantry men are from KIRIN.

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