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ACADEMY sells a Mag’ach 6B, naming it incorrectly IDF M60A1 blazer. Though not wrong, it is not correct either. By upgrading the US M60A1 with new all steel tracks without pads, like those used by the Merkava and addition of ERA armor, plus the use of the Urdan CWS and a few more internal and external amendments the IDF created the Magach 6B. The next step was another upgrade with a new, enlarged bustle and a new fire control system, giving it the name 6B Gal. The turret amendments make it easy to recognize the Mag’ach 6B Gal.

AEF Designs offers a new resin turret to convert the ACADEMY kit. The conversion includes a turret with fully loaded basket plus a few more add-on’s : two fire-extingushers, two ammunition drums for the FN MG’s and one IDF rucksack plus a square fender box for on-board tools. The turret is nicely cast. The fabric structure of the bustle cover is nicely done, too. However some of the small pieces are not easy to free from flash and are not completely cast, too.
To convert the kit, you basically simply assemble the ACADEMY kit and add the AEF Designs turret. Firstly I have added two more towing hooks on the low hull rear. These are a very common sight on the Mag’ach 6B Gal. Then, I added the AEF tool box to the right hand side rear fender and worked on the aircleaners (late Version, another AEF goodie) by making a bracket for a fire-extinguisher on each cleaner’s side. On the top of the right hand side cleaner I placed a shovel. I added handles made from wire to the engine compartments’ rear doors.
Moving to the front glacis I made two triangular covers for the wiring directly placed behind each of the headlights. Finally I started working on the turret. The ACADEMY URDAN CWS fits very well to the AEF resin turret. I replaced the .50cal on the main gun mantlet with a more detailed part from TAMIYA. The turret roof needs to be detailed by the addition of two tubular sensors for the new FCS. I used parts from my spares box and plastic profiles. Mag’ach 6B Gal have two new racks for the MG ammunition on the turret roof. These were made from scratch and are a decisive part of the conversion. Finally two towing cables were added to the hull front.
I used REVELL 67 as base color and started with a wash of thinned black. More washes with sand and brown colors and detail painting finished off the tank. The color represents a scheme used in the Gaza strip.

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