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This special version is not available from any producer and kit conversions are not available either. I decided to add this to my collection as an easy conversion. The main difference between the A3 and the A4 version is the commander’s periscope (the A4 used the PERI  R12).
Another difference is an opening behind the loader’s hatch, covered by a round plate not found on the A4 version. The A3 has been upgraded with the PZB200 to A3A1 standard.
NICHIMO used to have an A3 in their program, but like most of their kits it was rather toylike and is out of production anyway.
I had such a kit and an older A4 kit of ITALERI so I decided to get the best out of both and build a state-of-the-art A3.
NICHIMO supplied the turret body. The hull and all the turret details are parts of ITALERI’s A4. A few but vital parts are from REVELL’s Leopard 1A1-A4 kit: the PZB 200, the warning light on top of the turret, the periscope cleaners for the driver.
All of these were leftovers from my Leopard 1 project.
The A3 is mostly seen with the PZB 200 only, but the infra red searchlight can still be attached.
The camouflage has to be the three-colour-scheme for the A3A1 version applied in the Bundeswehr standard way. The tank has not received intense washes or wear as I still plan to add it to a diorama where it has to blend into the terrain.

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