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Andreas' Armour Pages

... here are the results of my efforts in writing, check the gallery for pics ...
I have build these kits and added bits and pieces to them. I am not saying that they are complete! Anyone might find that other additions are necessary, or even that my ideas are not as good as your own, but then again: That’s what is making our hobby so interesting!
I hope that these articles may help you in building your own kits or may serve as hints what to buy or not. I hope you enjoy reading these ....

[Leopard 1]
[Leopard 1A3]
[TPZ Fuchs]
[M26 Pershing]
[M46 Patton]
[US M48]
[M48A3 early]
[US M48A5]
[7th Army M60A1]
[US M60A1]
[M1A1 OIF]
[IDF Mag'ach 6]
[IDF Mag'ach 6B Gal]




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